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Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell bonds/stocks using Blockchain technology

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The opportunity to issue and trade with no time limit on digital assets

DigiStock - Token  Issuance

Token Issuance

Develop a plan to increase business capital

DigiStock - Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange

Trade unlimited bonds/stocks via Tokens trading

DigiStock - DS1 Earn

DS1 Earn

The simplest investment with holding DS1 tokens interest up to 12.5%/year

Create an eKYC Online trading account and manage categories easily

DigiStock - Register Account

Register Account

Complete account registration and identity verification via eKYC system

DigiStock - Cash Deposit

Cash Deposit

Deposit VND/USD into your Fiat Wallet to convert to DS1 token (stable coin) with a fixed price of 1 DS1 = 1,000 VND

DigiStock - Ready to Investment

Ready to Investment

Selection of tokens that represent attractive bonds/stocks available on the exchange for investment

One of the best trading apps you'll ever use

DigiStock has a user-friendly UI/UX interface and keeps all your transactions and accounts safe.

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DigiStock - 24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Contact DigiStock customer support service team at any time if you have questions.

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See the FAQs for detailed instructions on our features.

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DigiStock's community and experts in finance and technology are always here to discuss with you.

DigiStock - Contact (9:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

Contact (9:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

Hotline (CSKH): +84 86 923 1510 Accountant: +84 86 923 1510

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